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January 3
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It was the average day in the Mansion, you were avoiding any unpleasant encounters. You were fed up with being food. You lay there in your bed wondering how to avoid them completely without causing trouble. Could you hide? No, they will easily find you. Could you be busy doing something and tell them no? Probably not. Could you go back to sleep? Definitely not. You really had no options whatsoever. How troublesome. You got out of bed, your [Hair Length] [Hair Color] locks nicely placing on your form. “Ehh?! I feel exhausted and I haven’t even done anything..” You muttered to yourself. You then let out a small sigh of annoyance. Same events, different day… You heard a gentle sound of breathing from your bed. As you looked over you noticed one of the more tolerable ones, Shu. You didn’t even notice him there. You blinked a few times staring at him. “When did he get there?” You whispered, trying not to wake him. “Too noisy.” He muttered opening one eye, glaring at you. “S-Sorry..” You whisper as you got your clothes to get ready. “Shu, not to be rude but can you leave for a moment?” Of course, he didn’t. You really wanted to change and he was being plain bothersome. “Shu. I demand you leave.” You raised your voice. “I refuse.” He smirked. “Then go back to sleep!” He yelled. “Trying. But you’re way too noisy.” You let out a frustrated growl and stormed out of there, heading to the bathroom.

Brushing your [Hair Color] hair, you noticed a reflection in the mirror. “Ayato, not now.” You muttered continuing to brush your hair. “That’s no way for food to talk.” He whispered in your ear. You slapped him away, getting really annoyed. “Ayato, I’m not in the mood, please go away.” you raised your tone, hoping he’d leave. “Acting tough makes me want to stay, heh.”  Ayato made a devilish smirk, that monster. You sighed, putting on your makeup. Simple makeup, nothing too fancy. “Why do you put that stuff on? It’s gross.” He cringed. Just then, an idea popped into your head. “Oh, really now?” You smirked, putting makeup over your neck and a bit on your wrists. “Why you--” He was cut off. “There all done!” You gave Ayato an evil smirk. “A monster..” He muttered. Just then, to settle it, you also put perfume almost all over your body. Now, your skin must smell and taste horrible. “Haters gonna hate.” You grinned at him, walking to go get your socks. “W-Witch.” He spoke, walking out of the bathroom. You smiled, feeling quite proud of your accomplishment. Often, you would put a few pairs thigh high socks on, in case of Raito. Which is what you did today. You’ve been doing the best you could to not get bitten and they definitely don’t bug you AS much. Giving yourself the final scan, making sure you looked decent, you walked out of the bathroom. “Waking up, check, get ready, check.” You muttered, sighing right after.

You happened to be in the garden in the front yard. This was your day of relaxing and the Sakamaki boys are definitely not going to ruin it. You grinned finding one pinkish rose. You then decided to pick it, hoping no one would notice. Not that many of them care about petty flowers. As you made your way through the garden, once again you spotted Shu. He was sleeping on the bench with earbuds in each of his ears.Does he sleep EVERYWHERE? “Shu…?” You began as he opened his eyes. “Won’t you catch a cold being out here so long? It is in fact, a nice day, but, it’s a bit chilly…” He stared at you, blinking a few times. “Then warm me up…” He lazily spoke. Your [Eye Color] orbs widened at his request. He’s got to be kidding. You sighed and wrapped your arms around him. You remained like that for a while. As you watched Shu sleep, you gently pushed his bangs out of his face. You let out a small sigh. “Now I’m getting cold..” You muttered. Just then, large arms wrapped around you as you felt breathing on your neck. “Then why didn’t you say so?” He whispered. “Because you would have called me noisy.” You smirked at him as he grinned. “Shut up..” He blushed whilst giving you a smirk as well. As he went to go bite you, he sniffed your neck and cringed. “That’s overkill isn’t it?” He gave you a glare. “Saved me from Ayato.” You closed your eyes for a moment before opening them. “It was necessary.” You spoke in a serious tone. “Whatever.” He replied, getting up and heading inside.

You sat there a little bit longer. ‘Did I hurt his feelings or something?!’ you thought. Whatever it was, he seemed upset. That’s when you decided, you’d go after him to figure him out. You wanted to understand what was going through his head. But first…how bout a shower, this perfume was bugging you as well. You got up from the bench heading inside, thoroughly washing there areas with the perfume. You sneezed. ‘Bless me…’ you thought to yourself. You sighed, you put way too much perfume on. Oh well, that the most you could get off. Getting out of the shower, you wrapped a towel around you and headed to your room. The door was locked. “What the hell…” You cursed under your breath. You knocked. Knock…Knock…Knock…No answer. “Shu? Are you in there?” You got ready to ram the door when the door opened, making you run into Shu. He’s like a boulder, he barely moved an inch. “Too noisy..” He closed his eyes out of annoyance. As he walked out. Finally you can get dressed in your room for once. You had to go to sleep soon so you put on your pyjamas a little bit earlier than usual. Now time to go find Shu.

As you set out to find Shu, you noticed him sleeping in the bath…again. “Shu! You’re getting your clothes soaked!” You yelled. “I was too lazy to take them off…” He muttered under his breath. “Too bothersome.” You said, imitating him. “…” Shu was silent after that remark. He finally broke the silence. “[Your Name], come here.” He whispered softly. You did as asked. “I’m here, what is it?” You knelt down to his current level. Suddenly, he pulled you into a deep embrace. “Aishitaru…(Translation: I love you…)” Your [Eye Color] orbs widened. Soon, you melted into his embraced. “Aishitaru, Shu.” He got up, picking you up bridal style. “Eh?! Where are we going?!” he began walking to your bedroom. Opening the door, he slowly closed it once you entered. Tossing you on the bed, he opened his mouth to speak. “Go to sleep…” He whispered. “Go back to sleep.” You replied as you patted the spot beside you. Shu did as asked and fell asleep within 10 seconds of impact. “That was fast…” Your face as astonished at how much he can sleep. You laid down, hugging him. Thusly, you fell asleep with the most gentle vampire you know.

Hope you like it, I really tried to make it longer than usual!
Oh, Shu, you and you're sleeping.
Any way, I don't own Shu! Or You!
And I definitely don't own Diabolik Lovers.

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red9lili Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Omg !!! so cute ... GREAT JOB ;)
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me-wakes up and suddenly notices that I have 2 bite marks- SHUUUUUU!!!!!!!
shu: -wakes up- too noisy
me: shu what is this? -points to bite marks-
shu: .....
me: IM GOIN TO ILL YOU BUT FIRST go back to sleep
Thecathatgirl101 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Shu...... <3
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Can you open this up for critiquing? I wanna do one for you. Plz? Pretty pleaase, with Raito on top? 
^^Read that and realized how wrong that sounds...
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